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un monde en mutation International Colloquium
November 19 - 21, 2013 Eurometropolis Lille-Courtrai-Tournai
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Tuesday, November 19


2.30 pm : Press conference to launch the international Colloquium "music festivals, a changing world », Tourism Office of the city of Tournai


 • 2.00pm to 6.30pm : Visit of Kortrijk, the sound city

Concept by Joost FONTEYNE, director of Festival of Flanders Kortrijk – Free visit

Two way are possibles :
1.     The audio walk de Christina Kubisch (1 hour)
2.      The audio walk proposed by David Helbich ‘Kortrijk Tracks’ (2 hour)

 The listening device must be picked up at the Office of tourism:
Office of tourism, Begijnhofpark (Museum 1302), 8500 Kortrijk, Tel: 056 27 78 40

5.45pm: Departure of LILLE - Gare Lille Flandres (RDV in front of flunch, Avenue Charles Saint Venant)

6.30 pm : Reception at Kortrijk’s city hall: Launch by Vincent VAN QUICKENBORNE, Mayor of Kortrijk

8.30 pm : Evening performance by NEXT – Theater of Kortrijk
H, an Incident, concepted and directed by Kris VERDONCK, A Two Dogs Company production, Belgium
Theatre / Music

Please refer to our page Performance for further information

10.30 pm : Shuttle bus service to Lille - Gare Lille Flandres, (RDV Avneue Charles Saint Venant)

IMPORTANT : The number of available places is limited

Wednesday, November 20

8.30 am : Welcome and registration of participants at palais du Nouveau Siècle

9.30 pm : Opening of the debate

-Eric DENUT, Music delegate, the general office of the Artistic Creation, Ministry of Culture and Communication, France

-Lionel LARUE, Music and broadcasting director, General administration for culture, Federation Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium

-Hugo de GREEF, Director Culture – Department Culture, Youth, Sports and Media of the Flemish Community, Belgium


Introduction of the Colloquium: by Sophie DETREMMERIE, director of Flanders Festival Brussels, Baudouin MUYLLE, Director of Festival of Wallonia, Philippe Toussaint, President of France Festivals

10.15- 11.45 am
 : Presentation of research results of FESTudy
Intervention :
- Lluis BONET, researcher at the University of Barcelona, Spain
- Michel Guerin, Director of the Observatory of Cultural Policies of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels
- Emmanuel Négrier, research director at CNRS, Montpellier, France

Followed by a discussion with Philippe TEILLET, member of the research laboratory PACTE (Public policy, political Action, TErritory) of CNRS and Peter INKEI, Director of the Budapest Observatory, Jacqueline PACAUD, Admministrator of program, Politiques de l’Union European 

 • 12.00 am – 1.30 pm : Lunch


Round Table 1 : Artistic choices and cultural challenges

1.30- 3.30 pm 
Artistic risk taking, territories, artistic diversity, cultural and pedagogic activities, activities beyond dates, …

Introduction : Aurélien DJAKOUANE, Sociologist and researcher at CEPEL, Montpellier - FeStudy, France 
Moderation : Anne QUENTIN, Reporter, Magazine la Scène, France

Jorid VAAGLAND, Researcher at Lillehammer University – FeStudy, Norway
André MÉNARD, Artistic director, co-founder and vice president of Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Quebec / Jazz
Jens STORLI, Artistic Director, St Olav Festival, Norway / Classic
Joost FONTEYNE, Director of Flanders Festival Kortrijk, Belgium / Music creation
Jean-Yves LAFFINEUR, Director of Esperanzah ! festival, Belgium / World music
Henrique THERAIN, In charge of Berlioz festival development, France / Classic

Round table 2 : The financial challenges of the current crisis being faced by festivals

3.45- 5.30 pm
Artistic ambition and financial realities, less public funds and more new resources to find? Increasing the fares and developing new publics

Introduction : Christopher MAUGHAN, researcher, UK (with reservations)
Moderation : Annabelle VAN NIEUWENHUYSE, Cultural journalist, Belgium

Kai AMBERLA, Director of  Finland Festivals, Finland
Patrick ALFAYA, Director of Festival Quincena Musical San Sebastian, Spain / Classic
Sandy BOUTIN, President and Founder of Festival des musiques émergentes de l’Abitibi- Témiscamingue, Quebec / Emerging music 
Olivier DELSALLE, Director of Festival d’Île de France, France / World music, Classic, Pop Rock
Johannes RÜHL, Artistic DirectorAlpentöne Festival, Switzerland / Traditional and Contemporary
Fabrice MANUEL, Director of culture and heritage, Conseil regional Languedoc Roussillion, France
Charles GARDIER, Co-Director of Francofolies de Spa, Belgium / Pop Rock
Anders RYKKJA, General manager of Norway Festivals, Norway





6.45pm: Departure of LILLE - Gare Lille Flandres (RDV in front of flunch, Avenue Charles Saint Venant)

8.00 pm : Performance evening by NEXT - Maison de la culture de Tournai
MCBTH, performance of Guy CASSIERS, musical composition Dominique PAUWELS, a Toneelhuis & LOD muziektheater production Be
Theatre / Music

Please refer to our page Performance for further information

9.30 pm : Reception at the House of Culture at the invitation of the Mayor of Tournai : Rudy DEMOTTE, Minister-President of Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Vice-President of the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis, Mayor of Tournai)

11 pm : Shuttle bus service to Lille - LILLE - Gare Lille Flandres (RDV in front of the Tournai’s culture house)

Thursday, November 21

8.30 am : Welcome of the participants at the Nouveau Siècle 

9.00-9.15 am : Opening of the colloquium 

Round table 3 : which management for festivals ?

9.15- 10.45 pm
Festival status: independence or not? How to implement a real project management? Full time jobs, part time jobs, seasonal jobs, volunteers, trainees, … for what kind of functions? Gender and management?

Introduction : Diane SAINT-PIERRE, Professor, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Urbanisation, Culture et Société center) – FeStudy, Québec
Moderation : Anne QUENTIN, Reporter, Magazine la Scène, France

Claudine AUDET, Researcher at the Ministry of Culture and Communications – FeStudy, Quebec
Minnakaisa KUIVALAINEN, Executive director, Tampere Music Festivals, Finland / Vocal music, classic, jazz
Sophie DETREMMERIE, Director of Flanders Festival Brussels, Belgium / Classic 
Colm CROFFY, Director of the association of Irish Festivals (AOIFE), Ireland
Jean Pierre BISSOT, Directof of Gaume Jazz Festival, Belgique / Jazz


Round table 4 : Marketing and communication

11.15-12.45 am
How to attract new publics without loosing faithful auditors? New tools of communication, Merchandising…

Introduction : Tino CARRENO, Culture manager, professor and researcher in the festival field, Barcelona – FeStudy, Spain
Moderation : Annabelle VAN NIEUWENHUYSE, Cultural journalist, Belgium 

Marie-José JUSTAMOND, Director of Suds à Arles - France / World music
Noomi HEDLUNG, Director of Dalhalla Opera Festival, Sweden / Classique 
Serge PLATEL, Director of Gent festival Vlaanderen, Belgium / Classic
Xavier CARBONELL CIRAUQUIU, Director of Faraday Festival and Vida Festival, Spain / Rock
Alexandre STEVENS, Art Director and communication Director of Festival de Dour, Belgium / Pop Rock  

13.00 am – 14.15 pm : Lunch

Round table 5 : Share and cooperate

2.30-4.30 pm
Will it be possible to keep an artistic ambition and stand isolated? Networks questionned : What can they bring? On which scale (regional, national, European?)

Introduction : Sara TANNA, Sociologist (degree from Umeå University) and independent scholar in Stockholm, Sweden

Moderation : Anne QUENTIN, Reporter, Magazine la Scène, France

Luisella CARNELLI, Researcher,Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Italy

Jean-Paul ROLAND, European Network De Concert! Co-president and Eurockéennes general manager, France / Pop rock
Benoit THIEBERGIEN, Director of Les Détours de Babel - France / Jazz, world, creation
Didier THIBAUT, Director of La Rose des Vents and co-organiser of NEXT Festival - France/Belgium / inter/transdisciplinary
Gilles GARAND, Artistic Director of Festival de la Grande rencontre, Quebec / World music
Kathrin DEVENTER, Secretary General of European Association of Festivals (EFA)


4.30-5.30 pm : Summary of the colloquium

Philippe TEILLET, member of the research laboratory PACTE (Public policy, political Action, TErritory) of CNRS, France


7.00 pm : L’AFTER – Exposition HAPPY BIRTHDAY Galerie Perrotin / 25 ans

Free visit of the exhibition and cocktail at the Tripostal

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